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7 killer tips to travel in style (without being a pro!)

1 . Define your trip style:

As there are many kinds of travelers, there are also many kinds of travel styles. So it’s very important for you to decide which experiences are you looking for. Are you in for a shopping trip, or a foodie trip? Are you travelling with friends, your couple or maybe alone? To answer this questions before defining the destination is key to having the vacation of your dreams.

2. Ask a friend or acquaintance who visited the destination:

Talking with people that has already visited the place your planning to go often helps to have a clear picture and to know what you expect. You may also discover cool places that are off the conventional tourist circuits.

3. Plan in advance:

After you define the destination, start to plan your trip day by day. You don’t need to have a strict schedule, I know that when we are on holidays we don’t like to follow schedules… but this planning will make the most of your time and make you feel relaxed knowing where to eat and what attractions to visit in that particular area.

4. Find out what’s IN:

do a little research in travel magazines, blogs (like this one :P) and forums and you will find the best recommendations on what’s cool in the place you’re visiting. I seriously encourage you to visit trendy spots to be an in style traveler!

5. Technology is your friend:

Take advantage of the tons of apps made for travelers to make your trip much easier. Apps such as My Maps, Tripadvisor, Opentableallows you to download maps, read other travelers recommendations and make lunch or dinner reservations.

6. Luggage, take only what you need:

When it comes to luggage, some people fall in desperation. To avoid that, count the days of your trip and decide how many outfits you are going to need each day. Take some basic clothes that you can easily match, take THAT garment that make you feel like a bomb and leave some room for shopping when you get there. If you are like me, you will enjoy discovering the local fashion, and bringing some clothes home.

7. Discover new spots:

Allow yourself to discover some special places beyond the traditional attractions and recommendations you may have. Thar coffee shop you fell in love with, that small and solitaire street you enjoy so much… and make sure you know where it’s located so you can recommend it to other travelers when you come back!

Dou you have any tips of your own? Share it!