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My 7 travel apps (pre, during and post trip)

My 7 chosen apps for planning and enjoying my trips


Is there anything better than having the opinion of other travelers regarding a destination, hotel or restaurant? When I start planning a trip, I always use this tool to check on the hotels I’m thinking of booking and discover attractions and restaurants. I never ever book a hotel without checking it’s grading (I’ve been burnt in the past) and other travelers’ experiences. I use to look into the negative reviews and evaluate if that person has similar travel expectations to mine, to know if I should pay attention to that review or not. Once I come back from my trip, I do my own reviews and tell other travelers my own experiences so they can have a “trouble free” journey.

Google Maps / My Maps

I’m a very visual person, so creating my own maps help me in order to make my own itineraries so as to optimize my time in every destination. First, I create a new map of the city I’m visiting. Second, I bookmark the hotel, the attractions and restaurants / bars I intend to visit with different icons and colors (sorry I’m a bit freak in this matter). Third: with the finished map I do my itineraries day by day. Don’t think that I make no room for spontaneity, there are just a guide to know in which area I will be each day and what points of interest are there. During the trip I use the app for guidance so I won’t get lost and when I come back sometimes I share the maps with other travelers that are going to the same destination.

My Maps to create your own maps

Open Table

One of my favorite things about traveling is eating, that’s why I do not leave it at random. Before traveling I do my own research of bars and restaurants I want to go and make sure to do my own reservations. Especially when I travel with the kids, I like to have all dinners booked in order to keep our touring fever controlled and maintain our dining hours. Here you can see pictures, reviews and pricing. This app is crucial when you travel in high season, for example: a few years ago we spent Christmas at NYC, can you imagine how crowded the city was? We made all our reservations and if we changed our mind or didn’t get on time we cancelled from the same app.

OpenTable for restaurant reservations


Once I booked my flights, hotels and other transportation TripCase is the app where I store all that trip information as an agenda. When I link my flight reservations I can check the flight status, boarding gate, etc. Then there’s the possibility to Schedule hotels, attractions, buy tickets, make notes and more. After I put all the information I can see my trip in a timeline. Besides, it has an Uber button to book transportation when needed, i.e. when you arrive to the airport. It comes in handy to have all the travel information in one place.


This Google app is the best for me to edit my pictures before I upload them to Instagram and the blog. It’s really easy to use and has many features to créate the best travel memories. The ones I use the most are: filters, rotate, crop, tune image and HDR scape. But there are also other features to add text, frames, selective edition, etc. Before saving any changes I always check the before and after feature to see if I should keep editing or not.

Snapseed, photo editing made easy


If you want to publish creative stories, this is the app for you. It comes with many grids, some are free and some aren’t. You can buy a package of 10 to 15 grids from 0,99 to 1,99 USD. After you choose a grid, you can add video, photos and text. My favorite collection of grids are Journal 1 and Ripped Paper 1.


This app needs no introduction, but is my chosen one to upload my travel pics and videos. While I’m traveling I show a day by day raw material in the stories and in the feed. When I come back I use it mostly to publish my blog posts and my day by day in my home town. But this social networks also helps me with my planning, prior to any trip I start following accounts from that city I’m going to visit to get ideas of hotels, landscapes and attractions.

Instagram, to share your travel experiences