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Kids in an airplane? Not as hard as it looks!

After having children many travelers are afraid to fly with them, it’s not about acrophobia but to be locked up in a metal bird with their beloved child fearing he or she will transform into Jack Jack the super baby from the Incredibles movie. Here you will find some of my travel tips proven on my own kids.


Think of every possible outcome being on a plane with your kids, here are the most frequent ones:

  • Boredom: this is reason #1 for our kids tantrums. Some Airlines offer kids kits including games and coloring books, besides the movies and cartoons. But unless you’re sure the airline is providing this stuff, bring your own devices, coloring books, crayons, your kid’s favorite toy, story books and why not a little bit of Play Doh.

  • Food & beverages: please pay attention to this item, in a short or a long flight you should be prepared, your children’s hunger or thirst could turn into your worst nightmare. In short flights the snack is really poor or there’s no snack at all, some cookies o cereals and a bottle of water or juice can be your salvation. In long flights check that the food options fits your kid’s taste and find out if they have kids menu.

  • Sleeping time: the best thing you can do when you have a long flight is to sleep! So, especially when traveling with your Little ones try to get night flights, think that if you as a grown up hate to be in a plane for several hours you kids will hate it even more, they like to run, play and be loud, all the things that aren’t suitable in that situation. Nello is restless but he has slept 13 hours straight including a 3 hour stop in an airport!

  • Clothes: always, always (let me tell you one more time) always be sure to have a spare change of clothes with you on the plane. From an inconvenient puke to throwing themselves the whole dinner, these kind of thing happen a lot so you wouldn´t want to have to wrap them in a blanket for the rest of the flight.

  • Medicine: Does you munchkin usually suffers from vomits, fever, cough, etc.? Take whatever medicine you think could be necessary on the plane, but check that is travel sized so you won’t have to leave it at the security checkpoint.

Remain calmed

My first trip as a mother of 2 happened when Nello had only 5 months old and Franchu 3 years old, we embarked ourselves in a 13 hour trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (including 1 stop at Miami) . When board the plane, Seba stayed behind leaving the stroller to the crew and I went with my two angels to our seats. A few minutes later, 2 male Friends of about 30 years old got to their seats just beside me, when they saw me they froze thinking “Oh God why I have to spend 9 hours next to these kids?” Seeing their desolated faces made me explain to them that they had nothing to worry about, I was planning to sleep the whole flight and so they will. The smiled me back with disbelief and offer their help during the flight, I thanked and told them I wasn’t flying alone that my husband was at the gate. The next morning after 7 hours of sleep, we were having breakfast and these two guys confessed that they didn’t have the greatest expectations for this flight when they saw me with my children. Many parents get nervous about what other passengers will think if their child throws a tantrum, let me say this isn’t a comfortable situation but it isn’t the end of the world either. I’ve always stated that we mom have an invisible umbilical cord with our kids after they are born, so if you remain calmed your kid will respond as well and he/she will calm down faster.

BONUS TIP: at the take-off they may Experience some discomfort in their ears which can also cause pain. Bring chewing gum or Candy, when they chew the symptom goes away faster. -if you have a baby, breastfeeding or a bottle could be an option.