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Machu Picchu with kids? Of course!

This amazing place was one of my top five bucket list destinations since I was a kid, but for many different reasons I had never been there. The main reason, is that my greatest travel partner refused to go!! But as I can be VERY persistent, this year I convinced Sebastian to make a family trip to my dream destination. When he said yes, many of his friends told him it wasn’t a child friendly spot and that it was insane to take them… really guys?? I didn´t take no for an answer and planed this vacation in a way that the whole family would enjoy it, and so we did!!!

We got our tickets for the Hiram Bingham train, the coolest train of all! I loved this train ride for a million reasons, but I’ll name 7:

  1. Train of the ’20s all clad in wood and with luxury service.

  2. It leaves from Poroy station 30 minutes away from Cusco, unlike the other trains that leave from Ollantaytambo that are 2 hours away from Cusco.

  3. Before boarding the train, you can witness an Inca ceremony invoking the Pacha Mama (mother earth), very exciting!

  4. The food and drinks on board the train are spectacular.

  5. There is live music throughout the journey and a panoramic wagon to admire the wonderful landscape.

  6. When you get to Aguascalientes you do not have to make an endless queue to get on the bus, there are special buses for this train that take you to Machu Picchu without waiting. The same happens when you go down.

  7. When you exit Machu Picchu you have can have tea at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel that it’s included in the train fee.

When we got to Machu Picchu, I can’t begin to describe you how excited (and a little bit emotional) I was. To finally be there staring at that majestic and ancestral mountains, was breathtaking. A tour guide told us the story of the city (if you’d like further info just ask), we made stops to sit, admire the landscape, take great pics and specially avoid tantrums from the little ones, they have a lot of energy but aren't like the 6 years old that climbed the Kilimanjaro. Don’t forget to take water, mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

When we plan the trip, we thought that going back to Cusco on the same day would be exhausting for all of us, so we stayed at Sumaq Hotel for one night. It had a great river and mountain view, but what I enjoyed the most was the complementary culinary lessons for adults and kids. Sebastian and I leant to prepare ceviche and pisco sour, Francesca and Nello made animal decorated cookies.

The next morning we took a walk through the town and visited the crafts market that’s actually pretty big. We had lunch at a cozy restaurant called Indio Feliz and the food was delicious! As we walked to the train station, we were delighted by the many Stone sculptures representing different Inca legends that are all over the town.

I can cross off this incredible destination of my bucket list now! Now I have to convince Sebastian to visit the Taj Mahal hahaha

Which are your top five bucket list destinations?

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