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#TravelFails (Who didn’t have one?)

When I plan a trip, I imagine how amazing each day and each activity will be, buuuut as Forrest Gump’s mom used to say “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get” and she’s absolutely right.

My biggest #TRAVELFAIL was… (wait for it!) on my HONEYMOON!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happily married but the second week of my honeymoon was an absolute nightmare due to a bad hotel choice. We were recommended to go to Playas Blancas in Panama and to a specific resort. After we checked in and went into our room we found surprise #1 a poorly maintained rom with separate beds… really?? You can imagine our face, but it was late (we arrived at night), we were tired from the plane trip from Cartagena (where we had a lovely experience) and it was almost restaurant’s closing time so if we wanted to have some dinner we´d better hurry. We decided not to stress and make the claim in the morning. After a horrible night sleep, the air conditioner was constantly making noise, I decided to take a bath before having breakfast. When I grabbed what was supposed to be a clean towel and unwind it, an awful big brown (you come to your own conclusions) stain appear before my eyes. That was it for me!

We went furious to the hotel’s front desk and asked for the manager. After telling him everything that happened the previous night and that morning, he apologizes in every way he could, he told us that the towel incident was pretty serious and that he would make us up for all the inconvenience.

To make a long story short, they changed us to the room next door, also poorly maintained but with a queen bed… Are you f***ing kidding me?? But the story doesn’t end there, we complained again and the manager told us that the resort was full and blah blah, so we were stuck in an awful room in a poor service hotel. The next day we were changing after a day at the beach and another guest opened the door with his key, I jumped naked and slammed the door in his face. Apparently the front desk forgot to register the room switch and our room was assigned to another couple. At this point I was seriously expecting some TV cameras for a prank show because I couldn’t believe our bad luck. The list of #HONEYMOONFAILS didn’t end there but it will take me forever to write it all down, one thing is for sure I WILL NEVER EVER go back to that place. Before the trip ended I swore that I would have a second honeymoon in Bali… still in my bucket list!

The most recent fail was on new year´s eve, I traveled with my husband and 2 kids to NYC to spend the holidays. We were recommended to spend it in a New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Cruise. The plan was tempting: dinner and dancing in a cruise sailing in the Hudson River, watching the fireworks and then coming back. Nice plan don’t you think so?… Guess again! Let me remind you that this last new year’s eve the temperature at the big apple was 3 F° and when we got inside the cruise was almost the same!!! It was so cold that we couldn’t take our coats off, my kids were shaking and crying to go back to the hotel. Besides the extreme cold, there were other warning signals: the tablecloth was stained, when I got to the bar and ask for a glass of wine the bartender gave me the cheapest wine I ever tasted in a plastic cup OMG! Before sailing away we complaint with the crew about the cold and the solution was to bring 2 compressed gas bottles with burners and put them just behind our chairs. I could picture in 2 seconds my coat catching fire or my 4 year old son Nello climbing down of his chair and burning himself.

We made a wise decision and got out of the cruise before it sailed away. We called an Uber, went back to the hotel, told the concierge what happened and he kindly found us a table in the restaurant next door where we had a great time and a wonderful beginning of 2018.

While these stories where like little storms in our trips, when I look back they remain as funny anecdotes to share with our family and friends (and now with you) and to prevent them from making the same mistakes as I did.

Tomorrow I´m leaving on a new journey to Perú, I hope it will be #FAILFREE. Did you have any travel fails? Share your stories!